Welcome to the new home of Brookhaven Bazaar!

In honor of our 30th anniversary we thought it was time for a new name!  The ownership hasn’t changed, it’s still the same beautiful show, but the word bazaar is old-fashioned and doesn’t represent how we have evolved over the years.  We pride ourselves on finding the newest home decors colors and trends and building vintage displays around these elements.  We search for fresh new artists and the best in local gourmet food.  We aren’t your grandma’s bazaar!

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3 Responses to Welcome to the new home of Brookhaven Bazaar!

  1. Linda Barber says:

    I’m trying to find the name of the crafter who makes the felt handstitched ornaments like birds, snowman scenes, they are hand stitched w/embroidery, sometimes little beads. My friend has bought them for years, she wasn’t sure if she was there this year, but she was last year. Any idea of who she is? I’d love to contact her.

    • Lynette says:

      Linda her name is Janet and she was at the Brookhaven show. She will also be at our Katie’s Christmas Cottage with her handcrafted items. Katie’s Christmas Cottage will be open from November 25 to December 24 next to Penelope’s Hope Chest.

      • Linda Barber says:

        Could you put me on your mailing list for brookhaven?

        Linda Barber
        2544 NE 37th Ave
        Portland, Or 97212

        Thanks – Linda

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